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The Postpartum Mother's Handbook

An online postpartum planning course

Upcoming course:

  • August 30, 2024

  • 13:00 until 16:00 CEST (recording available afterwards)

  • 1 199 SEK

  • Eligible for Swedish Wellness Grant (friskvårdsbidrag)

Why is it important to prepare for postpartum?

Preparing for postpartum means giving yourself the best chance of handling the physical and emotional changes that follow in the weeks and months after childbirth.


Rest, nutrition, rituals to honor your new role as a mother, and preparations for the range of situations that may arise will enable you to enter this period with confidence and compassion. Labor is the birth of the baby, postpartum is the birth of the mother.

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Practical guidance for nourishing the new mother's body and mind after birth

With Julianna Werner, certified postpartum doula

In this course, I have gathered cultural wisdom, scientific facts, and practical advice for optimizing the new mother's recovery after pregnancy and childbirth.


I believe postpartum is unique for every one. My course does not teach a fixed set of principles designed to meet everyone's needs, regardless of their individual differences. Instead, The Postpartum Mother's Handbook concentrates on easily accessible and traditional healing approaches while also bringing awareness to a range of realistic scenarios. 

Chapters of The Postpartum Mother's Handbook

Who is this course for?

The Postpartum Mother's Handbook is primarily created for expectant parents who want to feel prepared for the period after birth when the mother is in a vulnerable state both physically and emotionally.


First-time parents who want a clear understanding of what to expect regarding the healing process, a new mother's basic needs, and postpartum warning signs are just as welcome as experienced parents who seek detailed knowledge about the therapeutic effects of postpartum nourishment and specific rituals that can enhance the body's ability to heal.


This course is designed to suit all parents, no matter your prior knowledge or experiences.   

What to expect

  • Postpartum planning according to the Postpartum Hierarchy of Needs

  • Understand physical changes after birth

  • The importance of rest and tips for adjusting to baby’s sleep-wake rhythm

  • Postpartum nourishment according to the three phases of postpartum healing

  • Key ingredients for making satisfying postpartum meals with ease

  • How to and when to: Pelvic soaks and steams, belly wrapping and other healing treatments

  • Stillness rituals and journaling prompts

  • Special considerations for healing after cesarean birth

  • Ways to heal prolapse naturally

  • Prepare for all outcomes, including hospital stay and postpartum mood disorders

  • Get your questions answered by a certified postpartum doula

  • Where to get help and extra resources

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