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Postpartumdoula Julianna står i sitt kök framför ett bord med mat och håller sitt barn i f

Food delivery after birth in Stockholm

Order postpartum food to your home.


A well-cooked meal is perhaps the most loving gift you can give to a new mother and her family. Nourishing, easily digestible and thoughtfully prepared food communicates to the mother that she is safe and cared for, thus helping to protect the space around her and her baby.


The food I cook...


  • is nutritious so that the mother can continue to nurture her baby through her breast milk without risking postpartum depletion

  • is warm and well-cooked to facilitate digestion and preserve the mother's energy reserves

  • also stimulates digestion with spices that have warming properties

  • contains ingredients with grounding properties to help "close" the body after birth


Enjoy well-prepared food packed with nutrition, energy and traditional wisdom. All dishes are 100% natural, gluten-free and prepared with carefully selected ingredients such as organic vegetables, grass-fed meat, potent medicinal plants and warming spices.

Order and delivery:

Use the form below to order. I accept orders of at least SEK 1000 and deliver within Stockholm County. Make your order at least 2 days in advance. At the moment deliveries are only made on Sundays.


Feel free to order several dishes or portions at the same time and freeze what you are not going to eat right away.

The dishes are delivered refrigerated and come with both a list of ingredients and instructions for storage and heating.

To avoid unnecessary waste, the food comes in glass jars that can be cleaned to be returned, reused or recycled.

One portion is 500 ml (if it does not say otherwise).

Payment can be made with swish or cash on delivery.​

Vegan option:

All dishes can be made vegan except chicken soup, beef stew, Japanese curry, bone broth and chicken broth. Please add a note to your order if you want it to be vegan.

Relevant training:


  • Food as Medicine with Postpartum Healing Lodge (2022)

  • Basic education in food hygiene with Miljöcheck (2023)

My catering business is registered with the municipality and I follow food safety regulations.

Chicken soup with ginger and fresh parsley

My own version of the traditional chicken soup that my grandmother's mother Carmela was served after her many births in Peru. Mama Carmela always recovered without complications and my grandmother thinks it is because she rested and ate nutritious food. The soup is based on my home-made chicken broth. The organic chicken comes from Reko.

Price: SEK 339 (SEK 599 for two portions)


Beef stew with juniper berries and Swedish brown cheese

A flavorful meat stew with fine beef from ERTH that has been cooked for 4-6 hours. My mom taught me to make this dish and it is one of the favorites on my menu. Grass-fed meat has many nutrients essential for postpartum healing. The juniper berries give the stew a warm character and the cheese adds extra iron, B12, sweetness and umami taste.

Price: SEK 319 (SEK 559 for two portions)


Japanese curry

This is a Japanese comfort food based on umami-rich awase dashi stock and grass-fed beef. Dashi is made of kombu seaweed and katsoubushi, which boosts circulation and lowers blood pressure. Kombu has many health benefits, including being rich in iodine which supports normal thyroid function. It also contains other essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

Price: SEK 339 (SEK 559 for two portions)


Carrot soup with almonds and saffron

A lovely golden soup made from fiber-rich organic carrots and almonds, spiced with saffron. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, orange vegetables support the spleen and strengthen Qi, which is the Chinese concept describing vital energy. Saffron can be an effective remedy for mild postpartum depression.

Price: SEK 199 (SEK 339 for two portions)


Warming daal with lentils and chicken broth

A lovely red lentil stew made with my home-made chicken broth base. Lentils have many essential nutrients, like folic acid and iron. On top of that, they´re rich in protein and prebiotic fibre. To minimize the risk of gas the lentils have been soaked and then boiled in a two step process. Daal is a traditional postpartum dish in the Ayurvedic lineage.

Price: SEK 269 (SEK 469 for two portions)


Postpartum porridge with vanilla and gojiberry jam – dry mix

I love this nutrient dense, oat-based porridge with black sesame seeds, chia seeds and maple syrup. The recipe comes from my inspiring mentor Raeanne (Postpartum Healing Lodge). The anti-inflammatory and blood buildning sesame seeds are ground so the body can access the nutrients. It comes with a freshly made vanilla and gojiberry jam with chia seeds.

Price: SEK 129 for 2.5 dl (two portions)


Fiber-rich muffins with carrot, zucchini and dates

These juicy muffins are a perfect snack packed with nutrition and energy from organic ingredients. The natural sweetness from fiber-rich dates and mineral-rich maple syrup will keep your blood sugar stable, which in turn will help balance your hormones. The muffins are based on oats. Notify me if you need the oats to be guaranteed free from gluten.

Price: SEK 99 for four


Bone broth with jujubes, licorice root and star anise

Broth made of calf knuckles, trotters and marrow bones with a distinct taste of licorice. The collagen in the bone broth strengthens and repairs damaged or stretched tissue. Licorice root and jujube are traditional Chinese herbs. Jujube is used in TCM to cure blood deficiency and calm the soul. Licorice root is said to be pain and cramp relieving. Avoid licorice if you have high blood pressure.  

Price: SEK 329 (SEK 579 for two portions)


Anti-inflammatory chicken broth

A golden chicken broth based on anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and garlic. The broth can be served as it is or used as the base for dishes like ramen soup or congee. In addition to being rich in collagen, chicken broth also contains easily absorbed vitamins and minerals. It is also lubricating and healing for the intestines.

Price: SEK 249 (SEK 449 for two portions)


Kycklingsoppa för postpartum.jpeg

Chicken soup

SEK 339

Image (4).jpeg

Fiber-rich muffins

SEK 99 for four

Köttgryta för postpartum.jpeg

Beef stew

SEK 319

Order form

Order form

Choose dishes

Thanks! Your delivery time and date will be confirmed within 24 hours.

Food sustains life.

"The web of life is a food web. The cycle of life is a cycle of food." - Vandana Shiva

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