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About Julianna Werner

I trained to become a postpartum doula soon after the birth of my first child. His birth was a positive experience, but it got overshadowed by a postpartum period that felt isolating and under-resourced. When I learnt that new mothers in other countries have access to a lot more support than we have here in Sweden, and that there are cross-cultural principles that constitute the foundation of the postpartum care that exists in different cultures, I got curious and wanted to learn more. 


Nourishing food is one of the foundational principles of traditional postpartum care as well as a central part of my practice. I fill my clients’ fridges with dishes such as chicken soup with ginger, butternut pumpkin shakshuka with goat cheese, and creamy baked custard. I also cook and deliver meals for postpartum families around Stockholm.

In my free time, I like to experiment in the kitchen, visit food markets, read books and hang out with my partner and my two kids, preferably in the forest or by the water.


Contact me if you want to include me in your postpartum plan, want to know more about how I work, or if you have any other questions. It is a great honor for me to hold space for you at the threshold of motherhood.

I offer my postpartum doula services in Stockholm.

Postpartumdoula Julianna Werner står i dörröppning med förkläde och ler

My philosophy

Our ancestors knew that a woman who has given birth to new life needs to rest for a period in order to regain her vitality. This is nature’s law. This period of rest is known by different names in different cultures, la quarantena, zuo yue zi, barnsängstiden, the lying-in period, sutika kala. Independently from one another, these traditions have evolved around the same foundational principles – the importance of rest, warmth, nutrition and kinship. 

Newborn mothers have specific needs that are not visible enough in today’s society. We are not meant to go through postpartum alone, yet it is common for people to feel isolated and alone during this time. By honoring your need to be cared for, you create more opportunity for deep healing, and initiate a gentler transition into this new part of your life.

A postpartum doula is an investment for the wellbeing of the entire family. 

​Breastfeeding, and everything related to it, is a central part of the postpartum experience for many. Getting a good latch can be challenging with a newborn, even if you have breastfed before. My philosophy when it comes to breastfeeding is that you have the right to breastfeed if that is your wish, but that you do not owe it to anyone. This means that you have the right to qualified, non-judgmental support no matter how you choose to feed your baby.

Someone who offers breastfeeding support should do so based on the latest research, not their own personal experience. What works for one person may not work for another. As a postpartum doula I am qualified to support and guide you through the beginning of your breastfeeding journey and also help you handle common non-emergency complications. It is also within my scope of practice to refer you to a medical expert if you need additional care. 

You are most welcome to contact me to discuss how I can support you after birth. 

bebis som ammar.JPG

My qualifications

  • Postpartum Doula Training with Om Baby & Wellness (2022)

  • Food as Medicine with Postpartum Healing Lodge (2022)

  • Sacred Birthkeeper Training with Susannah Rickman and Kristina Turner (2022)

  • Basic education in food hygiene with Miljöcheck (2023)

  • CPR for infants with Om Baby & Wellness (2023)

  • Yin Sanctuary with Gentle Traditions (2023)

  • Herbal Supports for Postpartum with Carla Sage Birthwork (2023)

  • Cesarean Recovery Body and Emotions with Postpartum Healing Lodge (2023)

  • Postpartum Steaming Workshop with Rose Womb Steaming (2023)

Through Om Baby & Wellness I have been trained to understand the anatomy and physiology of the postpartum body, provide support and guidance to promote healing after vaginal and caesarean birth, notice warning signs, provide breastfeeding support and teach baby care and safety. Om Baby & Wellness Postpartum Doula Training is approved by ODIS (Organisation for Doulas in Sweden). Futhermore, the courses Food as Medicine and Yin Sanctuary have given me additional knowledge about how to aid postpartum healing the traditional way, with warming and nourishing foods and herbs. 

I have also completed Sweden's first and only training to become a sacred birthkeeper. This year-long training discusses birth as a source of transformation. It offers an in-depth understanding of topics related to fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum as well as tools, materials and ideas for creating rituals and ceremonies around birth.

In addition to this, I have experience with elimination communication/baby potting and baby-led weaning (BLW).

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